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Before most people decide on a photographer they may want to know a little about the person taking pictures of their loved ones...

Im just a small town girl who wouldn't trade this small town life for nothing! I grew up in Graham, AL where I still live. I've always loved photography. In highschool when asked what I wanted to do after high school, my answer was photography.....lets just say I was encouraged to pursue another career. A few years went by and before I knew it I was marrying the man I loved since high school. After getting engagement, bridal & wedding pictures made I realized something.....I still LOVED photography! On our 1st Anniversary Brandon surprised me with a new camera, laptop & editing software. This inspired me to photograph things I wanted to remember, after all we only live once. I was inspired even more in September 2008 as we welcomed our 1st son into the world. I wanted to share my talent with others to capture moments to have & cherish forever.